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My Basement and the Beauty of Zones

With each passing day, as my belly gets bigger and it gets harder to bend over or climb stairs, I am reminded of the urgency of whipping my house into shape in preparation for my two new additions. One of the most important aspects of getting started was to think strategically about a road map. […]

The Hanger Switch: For the Love of Huggables

In my last post, I talked about how every corner of my house and all aspects of how my family functions are about to change. Thankfully, I’ve looked around and decided that not quite every single space needs rehab, but they all need some re-evaluation. My own closet is an easy, fun place for me […]

Time to Get a Little Crazy at My House

When I tell people what I do for a living, I’m often asked “So is your house perfect?” The answer is no, it’s not. Far from it. My husband is a… well… let’s just say he has an inclination to save things (more on that later …). I have two little kids, and all the […]

The Seasonal Wardrobe Switch-a-roo

Raise your hand if you dread the bi-annual seasonal wardrobe swap? Yeah, I thought so. Even me, organizer by trade who loves to sort, toss, fold, tidy… even I dread it. There is something about having to look almost every article of clothing square in the eye and acknowledge its existence that is a little […]

Moving: Boxes, Bubble Wrap & Tape… Oh My!

Moving is tough. It is mentally and physically taxing. It disrupts all facets of your life. It forces you to look every single possession in the eye, which can make you want to get rid of everything you own and live in an empty room (give in to this impulse at least a little bit […]

The Shirt I Never Wore

Once upon a time (or in 2009 to be exact), I spent an impromptu afternoon with an old friend who was visiting Boston from New York.  We had a fabulous and nostalgic afternoon walking around the North End (where we had been neighbors) and hitting all our old haunts. One stop was a favorite boutique […]

My Mother’s Garage is Calling Me

I owe my love for order and organization to my mother. Not because she models it, quite the contrary. My mother is a lover of gardening, rug hooking, sewing, baking, and basically creating beautiful things for herself and her loved ones to admire and enjoy. She has so many hobbies and is interested in so […]