The Hanger Switch: For the Love of Huggables

In my last post, I talked about how every corner of my house and all aspects of how my family functions are about to change. Thankfully, I’ve looked around and decided that not quite every single space needs rehab, but they all need some re-evaluation. My own closet is an easy, fun place for me to start. It’s one of the most manageable because it’s the one place in the house that is mine-all-mine. It’s small and awkward and dark, but I’ve made it work pretty well for me thus far.

The thing is, I need my closet to start working harder for me now. So far, I’ve had the luxury of using the closet in the guest room for my lesser-used clothing: party dresses, out-of-season hanging stuff, and the few remaining dress pants/shirts/suits leftover from my corporate life. But, said closet will soon be home to swaddle-blankets and burp cloths, so mine needs to go into overdrive and get ready to house some additional stuff.

I needed some ways to optimize my closet space, and so I decided it was time for the hanger switch. I don’t actually remember the last time I bought hangers. The sturdy white plastic ones seem to have been with me my entire adult life and have served me well. I’ve also accumulated a small amount of wooden ones for coats and suits.   I haven’t given hangers much thought. Actually, that’s the way it should be. So forgive me for asking you to spend precious minutes reading about them, but I’ve seen first-hand in my own closet just this very morning that a few dollars and a few minutes can make a big impact on your space.

What I can tell you is that huggable hangers are where it’s at. If you’re not familiar with these babies, they’re slim, velvet-coated, and are designed to save space. They also help preserve the shape of your clothes, and prevent slippage (an amazing solution to those tricky-to-fold open cardigans). And they actually accomplish all of those goals. Whether you need more space like I do, or you just want to create a roomier feel on your hanging bar so it’s easier to see and flip through your clothes, these provide a quick and easy fix. There are plenty of color and shape options on Amazon, or do what I did and grab at 25-pack at Home Goods for $9.99. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to give your closet a little face-lift.

My blazers, coats and suits are staying put on the sturdy, wooden hangers, but everything else is happily settled onto new, soft, velvet huggable homes. My clothes may even be ready for some new neighbors now that there’s more space! So, this organizer’s recommendation for a great way to spend a few bucks and a few minutes – take the huggable hanger plunge!

Oh, and one PS… every closet revamp is an opportunity to purge – even just a little. I just found a skimpy sequined gem buried in the depths with the tags still on… out it goes!

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