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What are people saying?

“Our “craft closet,” which was also used for guests’ coats, wrapping supplies, free weights and dog food, had gotten so out of control that the mere mention of getting out paints or art supplies elicited panic! It had gotten so that the kids couldn’t get at anything and stuff was literally falling out when the doors opened. Avery rolled up her sleeves and calmly approached the mess with a vision in mind. She sorted, reorganized and moved things around so that they made sense. The result is a clean, user-friendly closet that I’m literally proud to hang guests’ coats in! My kids have been able to access, use, and put-away their art supplies in a way that maintains the new system. I smile at this closet on a daily basis. Thank you, Avery!”

“After making the decision to downsize, my husband and I combined two family homes into one small house – with no attic, no basement, not enough closets, and only a one car garage!  All the leftovers we thought we couldn’t live without ended up as a total garage nightmare.  Simply Organized came to our rescue with incredible energy and a positive, encouraging attitude. We no longer have to apologize for the way our garage looks. The storage makes perfect sense and we can find and grab what we need. And Avery has given us lots of helpful advice on how to keep it (and other parts of our home) ship shape.”