About Me

I am a professional organizer with a passion for problem solving and helping people simplify their space and their lives.

Long before launching my organizing business, I had a passion for all things organized and orderly.  I have always found that I am at my most productive when the space around me makes sense.  From early on, I also loved helping other people discover the calm and satisfaction that can come with a well-organized home (“Mom, can I please clean out the pantry?” was not an uncommon question in my parent’s house).  This passion became necessity when I moved to Boston and spent many years living in small city apartments; every inch of space had to be used efficiently, and I learned the tricks of how to create a functional kitchen without a drawer or cabinet in sight. Now, as a mother of four young boys, I embrace a whole new set of organizational needs from keeping the toys contained to ensuring that everyone knows exactly where their shoes/jackets/bags/keys are to get out of the house painlessly.

Before starting my own business, I spent fifteen years working for an educational travel and cultural exchange company. My focus was on customer service, program quality and operational efficiency. A career highlight was planning tour itineraries to new destinations.

Now, I have put all of that experience organizing tours and connecting with customers in the corporate world to use in a different way: helping my clients solve their organizational challenges to make their homes more functional and their lives simpler. I focus on understanding the individual needs of my clients, and work with them to build solutions that will help save time, reduce stress, find greater peace of mind, and feel great about their space. I also work with clients to ease the burden of moving and downsizing.

I reside in Norfolk, MA with my husband and four young sons. I graduated from Hamilton College with a degree in Sociology and French, and spent fifteen years managing projects and teams at an educational travel and cultural exchange company. I am now a busy mom of four, and active member of assorted community organizations, an avid gardener, and an passionate home organizer.