What I do and how I do it

As a former project management executive, a serial mover (nine times in 15 years), a mom to four young boys, and a wife to someone who likes to “save” things, I understand that life is messy. It’s with this focus that my philosophy grew.

I believe that organization is not perfection. My goal is to help you create manageable systems that will allow you to spend less time and energy focusing on the “stuff”. When that happens, you can shift energy to the things that really matter – life experiences, family and your passions. My philosophy is simple: an organized home reduces stress and improves functionality, and allows you to go about your daily life with more clarity and greater peace of mind.

My favorite part of this job is seeing the changes clients make in many aspects of their lives when the “stuff” isn’t an issue. I’d love to help you attain the physical and mental space to reach your goals – wherever you wish to start.

Clutter-free space for a clutter-free mind

Getting organized isn’t just about making your home look great (though that can be a nice benefit); it’s about helping you save time and energy. Whether your goal is reducing the stress of getting your kids out the door in the morning, keeping better track of paperwork and mail, maximizing closet and cabinet space, being able to actually park a car in your garage, or moving around your kitchen to cook with greater ease, I can help. When you remove the clutter in the space around you, you’ll be amazed at how much you can truly focus on the parts of life that are the most meaningful to you.

Working together to get organized and stay organized

Each of us has our own way of doing things, and my goal is to help you use your space in a way that works for you. There is no one-size-fits-all model for creating space that is functional and efficient. I will work with you to understand your challenges, needs and goals, and guide you in finding space solutions that are easy to maintain. It’s not just about getting organized; it’s about building simple solutions that will help you to stay organized!

Making the most of your space

You don’t have to become a minimalist to get and stay organized. While I can help you get rid of things if that’s what you need (and most of us do!), I can also help to rework your space and establish more effective storage solutions that will make sense and be easy to maintain. Together, we will navigate the decisions of what to say goodbye to, what to keep, and how to best save and store the things you do not want to part with.

Why work with an organizer?

Most people want to get organized; it’s often a New Year’s resolution, a goal for a changing season, something that appears on a weekend to-do list. But it’s not uncommon for the task to be put on the back-burner for many reasons: how to make the time? where to start? it’s too emotional! it’s just so overwhelming! Working with an organizer means that we find the time together, we make a plan together, and I help break down the process into manageable pieces. As a team, we focus on efficiency while also setting a pace that feels right for you. And with my help, it can be fun, motivating, and liberating – instead of daunting!

So whether you are getting ready to downsize, preparing for a new baby, working through a life change like a death or divorce, or if you have just had enough of not being able to find what you need when you need it, we can work together to make the most of your time and create a space that makes you feel good, comfortable, and free!

A note about sustainability

I am passionate about our planet, and approach the organizing process with an eye for sustainability. This includes donating as much as possible (with a focus on local organizations), repurposing items, and disposing of the rest in a responsible way. I provide my clients with information, guidance and support on how to make the organizing process as planet-friendly as we can!